Hundreds and thousands of inventions and inventions that changed the lives of all of us throughout the history of humanity emerged as simple ideas.
AZSCIENCE now operates as an international technology and research center that active in the field of project commercialization, communication between researchers, students and inventors around the world, project and strategy management, scientific consulting and establishing continuous communication with major companies.

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Ideas should be multiplied, discussed, developed and implemented. AZscience respects your ideas.
ASIE is an official event of WIIPA recognized by inventors' organizations worldwide



Raise the level of invention and innovation to international standards and implement stringent measures to protect the inventors' creation in the field of intellectual property with the support of WIIPA.

Engage Members

Engage members as well as delegates from foreign universities in seminars, practical training opportunities (both local and abroad) to increase the level of skill and competency of the Association.


Provide services such as academic counseling for its members and universities (local and international) on invention related matters, effective communication, patents and its related field of intellectual property.


by AZS commercialization company. Provide consulting and services for members, teaching units and inventors in various countries in the fields of global invention, communication, patent / intellectual property transactions, etc.


Participate in all official WIIPA exhibitions.
WIIPA held more than 30 exhibitions throughout the year, and was not forced to stop due to the impact of the epidemic.


Special cooperation with TÜMMİAD in Turkey

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You can join us and be a part of our international complex.

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Registration deadline: 30th August
Payment deadline: 15th September
Refereeing Schedule: 7th-8th October
Results announcement : 8th October

Venue: Wherever you have access to the Internet
Send Email to wiipa(at) .
Inventors, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Researchers, Scientists, Students, Professors and all those interested in science

Mr. Hsieh Hsin- Ming

Since 1993, Mr. Hsieh Hsin- Ming has formed "Taiwan Invention Products Promotion Association (TIPPA)" with many friends from the Taiwanese invention community.

Raising an inventor!

It is necessary to introduce students to invention and innovation since the first school, ideas and thoughts are not possible to progress much within the framework of rules.

It will be announced soon.

Comming Soon!

AZscience academy will be help you to become an inventor. Join us!


2022 Japan Design & Invention Expo


INTARG - Poland

INTARG Eurobusiness haller

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Our Business Partners, Sponsors who always support us in contributing to the scientific world

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